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Phantom Limb: exclusive free track [Dec. 14th, 2009|02:15 pm]
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Bristol country-soul sextet Phantom Limb recently rereleased their self-titled debut album to warm reviews, particularly from The Independent's Andy Gill. "The band," he wrote, "display sensitivity, illuminating the blue shadows cast by organ and piano with subtle glints of acoustic and pedal steel guitar, building up a mantra-like power on 'The Hard Way.'" The band is led by vocalist Yolanda Quarte, "a phenomenal talent," according to Gill, "drawing on gospel, soul and country inflections to produce a range of effects: on "Withering Bones", her flatted blue notes combined with the country-blues backing creates a sound akin to Mick Jagger on Let It Bleed, while elsewhere, the dark strings and vocal elisions of "Spring Flowers" bring to mind Jeff Buckley."

We have "Run", a live track from the band available as a free download. Get it below.

Right-click here and click "Save target/link as..." to download